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Solar Power from the Sun


Solar Panels generate direct currency (DC) electricity from sunlight. Usually several solar panels are connected together to form a single array. The electricity produced generally is used to charge deep cycle battery banks. A solar array can be used to provide all or part of your electricity supply. It has the advantage that it can be added to bit by bit as finances become available.

The high initial capital cost has usually limited the size of domestic installations and there are very few homes in North Queensland with arrays producing in excess of 3kWh/day of useable electricity.

With solar only systems the array has to be generously sized to provide an acceptable surplus of generating capacity, meaning that the solar potential cannot be fully utilised and also the battery bank has to be large enough to hold out during prolonged cloudy periods.

Above a generating capacity of about 2kWh/day these issues become of concern and usually other sources of power are included. Inclusion of a backup genset for example will allow downsizing of both the solar array and the battery bank even though the genset may seldom need to be operated.

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Solar System mounted on rooftop
with Solar array frames

Solar Batteries

Solar panels gather solar energy and it is stored in a deep cycle solar battery bank


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