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Renewable Energy Systems

Renewable Energy for your Home

For many people living in remote areas, connecting to the mains grid is not an option. Therefore, they must produce their own power. In the past, many have resorted to petrol or diesel generators, but these are both noisy, maintenance intensive, and environmentally damaging. In more recent years, other cleaner forms of power generation have become available.

Arguably the most well known is solar power, via solar panels, though other forms, such as wind and water power, are also becoming more common. Unlike fossil fuel powered petrol or diesel generators, these forms of energy production are known as renewable energy, because they will continue to be available as long as the Sun and Earth still exist.

How does it work?
Basically, power is generated by the solar panels, wind turbines / water turbines or whatever, and is fed into a bank of batteries to be stored for use when required. The power can then be used directly from the batteries, or passed via an inverter for use with normal mains appliances. However, it is not always realistic to use all of the appliances that a mains-connected house might use.

Because of the cost of buying extra solar panels, wind turbines or a larger inverter, using power-hungry appliances like electric frypans, hairdryers and fan heaters is best avoided or minimised. Energy management is concerned with the efficient use of energy. A little effort spent in reducing energy wastage can repay itself many times over.










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