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50% Australian Government rebate available on renewable energy systems

Photovoltaic Rebate Program [PVRP]


Since 1996 there have been several rebate schemes available to Queensland residents for systems employing renewable energy components.
Details of these schemes change frequently, so we suggest you refer to the Queensland Environmental Protection Agency website: for the latest details.

The information presented here is current as at 23 May 2007.

THE NEW Renewable Remote Power Generation Program (RRPGP) SCHEME FOR OFF-GRID POWER SYSTEMS

This scheme is Australia wide and is to be introduced from 1st July 2007.
It will operate in 4 categories:

Under $200K;
over $200K;
industry support;
water pumping.

As we are mainly concerned with the under $200k category, here is what we know so far.

Rebate will be available at the rate of 50% of renewable energy components, plus installation, at quoted price including GST. Overall system quote price must be 30% renewable energy components and installation.

For residential applications, the site must be the owner's principal place of residence.
Minimum renewable 450 Watts new systems or up-grades are included together (no distinction).

Battery replacement of existing systems not included. Generators do not qualify. It will also be a
requirement that the customer has received a written estimate, not neccesarily a quote, to run the mains that exceeds $30,000 (this amount is yet to be finalised and is likely to be reviewed.

The other categories for rebates are still to be decided, with water pumping the least priority.

Guidelines and application forms for this scheme are still being drafted and are expected to be available shortly before the introduction date of 1 July 2007.

This scheme will be a succesor to the Renewable Energy Diesel Replacement Scheme (REDRS), which since 2000 had provided many hundereds of Queenslanders with up to a 50% rebate on the capital cost of a Remote Area Power System, using solar, wind and/or micro-hydro as sources of power.
It was available for residential, commercial and community use applications. However, by mid 2005 the Scheme had become oversubscribed and in August 2005 it was suspended.

Photovoltaic Rebate Program [PVRP]

The Australian Government invested $52 million towards the PVRP in May 2007
For more information click here.

This program applies to both grid connected and stand-alone PV systems installed for residential or community (non-profit) use.

Anyone who already has an application form in will be automatically adjusted to the new rebate structure. PVRP remains for both RAPS and GC
However double dipping of RRPGP and PVRP is not permitted.

here's an indicator of the prices for a photovoltaic system.

Installed Size
kWh per day
No. of Panels
After Rebate
& RECS Discount
6 x 175W
9 x 175W
12 x 175W
15 x 175W
18 x 175W
24 x 175W
30 x 175W

The above indicative pricing includes installation in most areas for most house types.
This pricing includes GST. Final price has $8,000 rebate taken into account.

Changes effective from 9 May 2007

The rebate for solar panels on homes will be doubled, and will increase from the current $4 per Watt up to a maximum of $4,000 to $8 per Watt up to a maximum of $8,000.

A new competitive grants scheme for schools and communities to install solar panels.
A targeted scheme to support the design and installation of solar systems on commercial, industrial and iconic buildings;
Training and accreditation of solar panel installers which is vital to meet the skills needs of the expanded programme.

Rebates for developers and display home are no longer available.

Note that the value of the rebate is based only on the nominal rating of the PV array. Variation in actual or estimated output due to temperature, shading or other factors is not considered.

Non solar inputs such as micro-hydro & wind are not considered.




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Photovoltaic Rebate Program [PVRP]