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PowerPal Micro Hydro Power

PowerPal produces a comprehensive range of micro-hydro turbines manufactured to exacting standards in Vietnam under the supervision of Asian Phoenix Resources Ltd., a Canadian corporation.

Planetary Power is an authorised distributor for PowerPal in Australia and Oceania

A brief desccription of their products are presented here.
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PowerPal Low Head
The original PowerPal, it produces 200W, 500W or 1000W
of power from fast flowing streams in gentle terrain.


PowerPal High Head
This small unit produces 200W or 500W of power from low
stream flows in hilly terrain.


PowerPal T1 and T2 Turgo
Generates from 660W to 2kW from steeper terrain.


PowerPal T5 Turgo
From 2kW to 5kW our newest product is set to fill a niche
in moderate to high head locations.


PowerPal T8 and T16 Turgo PowerPal T8 and T16 Turgo
Larger but still compact, the power output is between
4.7kW and 16 kW. Designed for sites with low stream
flows in steeper terrain.


PowerPal Mill Series
Designed for owners of old mills who wish to install a new
generating system, these are also suitable for any low head site. These Semikaplan turbines produce 4kW to 20kW output power.



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PowerPal Micro Hydro Power