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Cost Effective, Environmentally Friendly Micro Hydro Power

A water turbine is a device to get power from moving water. There are many types of water turbine but only a few are suitable for home use.

The local generation of electricity by these turbines, if suitable sites are available, gives the cheapest electricity possible in areas beyond the mains grid. It is about 50% to 70% the cost of an equivalent photovoltaic system and roughly equals the cost of a petrol or diesel genset system. However unlike petrol or diesel engines a turbine produces little noise, no CO2 emissions and needs minimal maintenance.

A turbine will generate power 24 hours a day and will easily generate sufficient electricity for an energy efficient household. It can also be used to pump water. The output of the turbine can be shared between pumping water and electricity generation, with the share of power to each easily tailored to best meet the customer's needs.


Planetary Powers own design - suited to low head sites down to one meter.
Can pump water and generate electricity at the same time.

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PowerPal Micro Hydro Power

Planetary Power is an authorised distributor for PowerPal in Australia and Oceania

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