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Lightning Protection

Lightning is a major cause of damage to inverters and sometimes other equipment in RAPS installations and the results are usually catastrophic. Seldom is the damage caused by a direct strike, rather it is due to the surge, lasting only a few microseconds, induced in electrical cabling in the vicinity of the strike.

It is possible to protect against lightning damage by using suitably rated and installed surge diverters. Planetary Power has now provided this protection at nearly all of its system installed since 2001, including its own micro-hydro powered facility at Walsh River. Since surge diverters have been installed there has not been a single reported case of lightning damage at any of these protected sites.

The most common cause of failure of installed inverters is due to surges caused directly or indirectly by lightning strike. Experience has shown that the inverter is really the only piece of equipment susceptible this way. Lightning protection is covered by Australian Standard AS1768.

Lightning protection equipment is offered as standard with our diesel/battery hybrid systems
It comprises:
(a) installation of bonded earthing
(b) installation of Novaris SD1-40DIN lightning surge diverter on DC side of the inverter
Additionally lightning protection will be required for the AC input and AC output circuits.The usual method is to install lightning surge diverters in the adjacent AC distribution board.



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Lightning Protection